Our amazing candies are like a treasure chest full of beneficial treasures, carefully extracting all the potent terpenes from the plant to preserve the full range of properties. But here comes the exciting part: we deliberately left out the psychoactive THC – you won’t get a high or stoned feeling. With us, THC is taboo, with less than 0,01% or 100 ppm, really minimal and unimportant.

Imagine, each candy carries an active ingredient 15 mg CBD in itself. So, whether you want to lighten your day or brighten up your night, dosing is a breeze. But there’s no one size fits all when it comes to CBD, so play around with the dose and find your sweet spot. Keep in mind that the party shouldn’t exceed six gummies a day – let’s be sensible! And if you’re currently pregnant, nursing, prescribed medication, or on a medical roller coaster, do yourself a favor and ask an expert for advice before you board the CBD train.

Not only are these little treats convenient, but they’re your green light to enjoy – no sneaky fuss here, as they’re totally legal. So dive into a world of CBD indulgence, where dullness has no chance and pleasure is always on the menu.