This is another creative way to consume medical marijuana. Given the taste of the CBD component in cannabis, honey is a sweeter way to represent the products. The medical importance of both honey and CBD together is an important stimulant for mental and physical well-being. The most popular application of the CBD honey is mixing this honey in a warm cup of tea. For example, one of the conditions that these two elements can cure is sore throat.

CBD helps improve the body’s immunity and reduces the pain of the infection, while the honey reduces coughing. Furthermore, the CBD honey has many antioxidants. CBD has properties that help rejuvenate the skin and these properties also protect against aging. Honey is an antioxidant in itself. The active component in CBD helps keep the body warm and active for physical activity. It also keeps you in a good mood and reduces pain during exercise. Honey provides carbohydrates that supply glycogen depleted during exercise. This works as a good supplement. CBD, along with other cannabis properties, is essential for maintaining cardiovascular activity. The CBD ensures that blood pressure is lowered by relaxing the blood vessels. Especially for women, the consumption of honey lowers blood pressure significantly.

In addition, the CBD honey is a good anti-inflammatory agent. This observation comes in handy thanks to the concentration of cells on the wound. This does not stop the immune system from fighting foreign organisms that want to enter the body. The CBD Honey is hygienically packaged in convenient containers with the brand Cannabis Bakehouse† The CBD content in this product is 2,75%. Prices range from €9,95 for a 65ml jar to €39,95 for the large 250ml CBD honey jar. From the heart of Amsterdam is Cannabis Bakehouse one of the best companies in this field. Buy your CBD honey directly from the official Cannabis Bakehouse Online store!